To Load the channel data files onto your S9020DVD you will need to follow these steps.

First unzip the downloaded file and place the two files inside on a flash drive.

Second you will need to identify what your current LNB setting is

  1. Press the Setup button to bring up the main menu
  2. Press the left arrow until the Installation menu is displayed then press OK
  3. Select the “My Dish” menu and press OK
  4. Select “Optus D1” from the satellites list and press OK
  5. Note down what the “LNB Low Frequency” setting is (either 10750 or 11300)

Once you have this detail you can follow these steps to load the channel data.

Insert the Flash drive you have extracted the channel data files onto into the USB port on the front of the receiver.

  1. Press the Exit button 3 times to return to the Installation menu
  2. Select "SW Update" and press OK
  3. Select "Update by USB" and press OK
  4. Select the file that corresponds to your LNB frequency and press OK

The receiver will now load the channel data and restart.

Once the receiver has restart you should have signal and all channels should be located correctly. If you have no signal it is most likely you have selected the wrong LNB frequency file.