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Remote Control for Freeview A2 Super Box (IR)
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IMPORTANT: This is not the standard replacement Remote Control for the Freeview Super Box (A2) Recorder. If you need a replacement Remote Control please choose the Bluetooth Model - HERE.

This remote control is an infra-red version that can be used with the Freeview Super Box (A2) as long as your Super Box has the IR sensor installed. All recent stock of this model has the IR sensor installed. Some units from the first production runs did not have the sensor installed as it was not initially a feature we offered. You can check if your Freeview Super Box has an IR Sensor on-board, it can be found on the left-hand side, visible through the vents.

This infra-red remote control is usually only used when you have a home theatre system that incorporates an infra-red repeater allowing control of the Super Box at a distance greater than the bluetooth remote allows. Often the units to be controlled will be in a vented cupboard or even in another room.

If you need more assistance or are unsure whether your unit has the IR sensor, please CONTACT US for more information.

NOTE: Some functions on this remote, such as the Numeric buttons, offer no functionality with the A2.

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