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Freeview Antenna 13 Element High Gain UHF Aerial Only
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High gain (8-12db) UHF aerial designed for reception of Freeview|HD. Antenna only, ideal for replacing an existing aerial.

This antenna comes with a prefitted balun suitable for digital signals. The balun is the box mounted on the antenna with an F connector that your coax cable will connect to.

If you are purchasing this UHF aerial as a replacement aerial for your home, please be aware that you will need to have an F connector on your existing coax cable in order to connect to this antenna. Digital signals used with Freeview|HD require very good coax cable and very good connections. For this reason you can not 'twist' or 'screw' your coax cable onto this antenna like many older non-Freeview UHF aerials. You must fit an F connector to your coax cable.

If your coax cable is older and you need a new coax cable to connect to this antenna please click on the Related Products tab above.

High Signal Areas

This antenna is a high gain (8-12db) antenna suitable for areas with medium to low signal. If you wish to use it in a high signal area, simply remove the front half of the antenna. The antenna comes in two halves which bolt together as this makes packaging simpler. By removing the front half of the antenna you simply lower the gain or amplification of the antenna, making it suitable for high signal areas close to the transmitter.

This item is the antenna with balun only.