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Twin & Triple LNB Bracket
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Twin & Triple LNB Plate Installation Guide


Please note that this bracket is not used on a standard Freeview satellite installation. It is designed for a competent trained installer or knowledgeable DIY installer to receive signals from more than one satellite using a single satellite dish.

This bracket fitted with 2 LNBs on a single 60cm dish allows reception from:

  • Optus D1 (Freeview)
  • Optus D2

Or with 3 LNBs on a single 75cm or 90cm dish from:

  • Optus D1 (Freeview)
  • Optus C1
  • Optus D2

Please see Documentation tab above to read the Installation Guide which explains more.

This item is just the bracket itself and does not include a dish, LNBs, cables or switches. For proper use you will need to connect the LNB's to a switch such as the DiSEqC switch we sell, but you will also need to be sure that your satellite receiver is able to tune channels other than Freeview and that it can use a DiSEqC switch.

Please Note that this bracket is designed to fit specific LNBs. We currently only stock one LNB that fits this bracket - the flatbody 11300 LNB.

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