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60cm Dish Single Pack
Our 60cm Satellite Dish Single Pack is ideal for Freeview and includes:60cm Dish TV DishUniversal Di..
Freeview Recorder A2 -  Android TV, YouTube, 1TB HDD - Super Box
Discover TV FreedomIntroducing the Freeview Super Box from Dish TVThis Freeview Recorder is our firs..
Freeview Satellite Finder -  Meter
The SF95 Satellite Finder Meter is ideal for the DIY satellite dish installer.Find Satellite and ali..
Ku Band LNB 11300MHz - Freeview & Sky Dishes
To receive satellite signals, you need an LNB (Low-Noise Block Downconverter). The LNB picks up all ..
Satellite Dish Kit  for Freeview / SkyTV
The 60cm Satellite Dish Pack comes with:60cm Satellite DishUniversal Dish Mount11300 LNBSF95 Satelli..
Dish TV SNT7070 Satellite & UHF Freeview Receiver
The Dish TV SNT7070 is a Freeview Certified Receiver for use with a UHF Aerial OR Satellite Dish. Ac..
LNB Holder for Satellite Freeview Dish & Sky Dish
LNB Holder for a standard 40mm neck Ku LNB. Fits most Sky dishes as well as 45cm, 60cm and 75cm .Hin..
Remote Control for Dish TV S7070r
Dish TV S7070r Remote ControlReplacement Remote Control for S7070r Model...
AerialBox Dish TV UHF Receiver T1000n-VM (Refurbished)
What is a Refurbished Product?At times we have sample products, display products, damaged in transit..
Remote Control for Dish TV S9040DVD
This Dish TV S9040DVD Remote is designed to be used on the Dish TV S9040DVD Satellite Receiver. I..
Remote Control for aerialBox T1000n
The aerialBox T1000n Remote is designed to be used on the aerialBox T1000n Receiver.  If you..
Remote Control for Dish TV T1020
The Dish TV T1020 Remote is designed to be used on the Dish TV T1020 Freeview Terrestrial Receiver (..
Remote Control for DishTV T5050
The Dish TV T5050 Remote is designed to be used on the Dish TV T5050 Freeview Terrestrial Receiver (..
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