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SmartVU Home™ Smart Camera Doorbell (White)
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The SmartVU Home™ Smart Camera Doorbell is easy to set up, and helps take your home security to the next level. When paired with the SmartVU Home™ app, you can see, and answer people at your door even while you’re away.


  • High-Definition Full HD (1080p) Camera, with a 166° Field of View
  • Includes 2x Rechargeable/Removeable Batteries*
  • Connect to existing Doorbell Wires for constant Power (14V-24V AC)
  • Easy Setup - Connect the Doorbell to your Wi-Fi with the SmartVU Home app, and mount with the included Tools
  • Remotely Control - Access and view the Camera from anywhere, anytime
  • Infrared Night Vision up to 8m in complete darkness, with PIR Motion Detection
  • 2-Way Audio - Enables communication via built-in microphone and speaker, with the SmartVU Home app
  • Receive alerts to your Phone/Tablet, when anyone presses the Doorbell, or triggers the Motion Detection
  • Recording - Local Storage via Micro SD card (Micro SD card not included), up to 32GB
  • Cloud Storage - Record Video to Cloud Storage (Requires use of a Subscription Service)¹

Feel safe in your Home

With the SmartVU Home™ Smart Camera Doorbell you will be notified when someone approaches your door - even before they press the button. Once the button is pressed, you will hear the Indoor Chime sound, so you can hear the Doorbell even if your Phone/Tablet is not near you.
With the Smart Camera Doorbell there is no need to open the door to a stranger - just open the SmartVU Home™ app, and see who is at your door. If you don't feel like coming to the door for a package, just ask the delivery person to leave it by the door using the 2-Way Audio feature.

Security from Anywhere in the World

Because your Smart Camera Doorbell is connected via the Internet, to the SmartVU Home™ app, you have the same control from anywhere in the world. For example, if you are away on holiday and a delivery arrives - just explain that you are unable to come to the door right now, but you would appreciate it if they leave the package out of sight. The delivery person never needs to know that you are not at home.

Battery Recharging*

With the included Rechargeable/Removeable Batteries, the Doorbell may last up to 3 Months, with minimal use. If your Front Door is busy, or you live on a busy Street, it can require more frequent recharging of the Doorbell. Recharging is very simple, remove the Doorbell from its Mounting Bracket, and connect to a power source with the included Micro-USB Cable.
If your Doorbell is hardwired with existing Doorbell Wires, that will keep it powered with normal/frequent use, and eliminate the need to recharge the Battery. Where if your Doorbell is not hardwired, the Batteries will need to be periodically recharged, as frequent interactions will deplete the Battery.

Connect & Control on One App

SmartVU Home™ products are connected via the SmartVU Home™ app, available for free download on Android and Apple iOS.

What's in the Box?

  • 1x SmartVU Home™ Smart Video Doorbell (White)
  • 2x Rechargeable/Removeable Batteries
  • Doorbell Mounting Screws/Tools
  • 1x Indoor Chime
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1x Micro-USB Cable


  • Product Dimensions: 65×130×33mm (W×H×D)
  • Power Source - Battery: 2x 18650 Li-Ion (3200mAh) Batteries
  • Power Supply: Recharge Batteries via Micro-USB Cable, DC 5V
  • Supported Power: Wired 14-24V AC (Cable not included)
  • Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz (802.11 b/g/n)


  • Copyright © 2020 Dish TV Technologies LTD. Dish TV is a trademark of Dish TV Technologies LTD.
  • Google and Google Play are trademarks of Google LLC. Apple® and the App Store® are trademarks of Apple Inc.
  • ¹Cloud Storage requires use of a subscription service, available via the SmartVU Home app, as provided by an external supplier. Subscription is not provided with the purchase of this Wireless Camera.
  • *Doorbell may last up to 3 Months using 'only' the Batteries, with minimal use. Recording, and other functions may result in more frequent/increased charging of the Doorbell.
  • This SmartVU Home Device is only capable of connecting with a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Network, it is not compatible with 5GHz Wi-Fi Networks.
  • Not suitable for excessive/direct water contact, to ensure longevity, some cover is recommended for the Doorbell.
  • Information provided above is subject to change without notice.