NOTE: That any Firmware Updates / Channel Data for current products, can be found on the Product Page for that product under the Downloads tab.

If the latest Firmware is available as an Installer for Windows (Windows Executable .exe), please download and RUN this program with your USB Flash Drive inserted into a USB Port on your computer. Instructions on how to load the Firmware onto your Dish TV Receiver will appear on your computer screen after your USB Flash Drive is setup. Please follow the Instructions provided with this Installer, not the Instructions in your User Manual.

NOTE: All Firmware Updates provided as a ZIP file "except the Superbox A2" will need to have the contents 'extracted' first, as your Dish TV Receiver will NOT recognize the ZIP file.

Latest Downloads.

Receiver Model
Channel Data

Superbox A2

A2 Firmware Changlog

 A2 USB Update Instructions

A2 Quick Start Guide

A2 Firmware 1.35

Dish TV SNT7070

SNT7070 User Manual

 SNT7070 Firmware V1.24.usb

 SNT7070 Firmware

Receiver Model
Channel Data

aerialBox T2100

aerialBox T2100 User Manual

aerialBox T2100 Sales Brochure


aerialBox T2200

T2200 User Manual V4.4


aerialBox-ultra T1050

 T1050 User Manual Old Remote

 T1050 User Manual New Remote


aerialBox T1020

 T1020 User Manual Old Remote
T1020 User Manual New Remote

Dish TV T1020 Firmware

Dish TV T1020 Firmware 1.34.exe

aerialBox-mini T1000N

T1000n User Manual V2

aerialBox-mini T1000


aerialBox-DVD T5050

 T5050 Manual

 T5050 Firmware Update


HD3000 Manual

HD3000 Firmware Loader

Current Firmware

Receiver Model
Manual / Information
Firmware / Software
Channel Data
SatBox S8300

S8300 Manual V1.0


SatBox S8200

S8200 Manual V4.4 (Original Remote)

S8200 Manual V4.6 (New Remote)


SatBox S7090PVR

 S7090PVR User Manual


Dish TV S8100-Z*

 S8100-ZC User Manual

 S8100 Update V1.19ZC -

SatBox S7080

 S7080 Firmware V10B.exe

 S7080 Firmware

SatBox S7070rHD-X*

S7070rHD-XM User Manual V1.5

 S7070RHD Update V1.09XM -

SatBox S7070r

S7070r User Manual



S7010PVR updating instructions


S7030PVR updating instructions

(Updated 16/10/2018)


S9040DVD updating instructions


S9020 Manual

S9020DVD updating instructions

S9020DVD Firmware Update
(Updated 06/08/2019)


S7050 Manual

S7050PVR updating instructions

S7050PVR Channel Data/ Firmware for 11300Mhz LNB

S7050PVR Channel Data/ Firmware for 10750Mhz LNB


S7070 Manual

S7070 Firmware Loader

S7070 Latest Firmware


 S9000 Manual 

  S9000 Tuning Guide


S6800 Manual

S6800 Firmware Update Guide

S6800 Guide - How to organise channels

S6800 Guide - Widescreen and 4:3 Screen

S6800 Guide - Tuning in Prime or another channel

S6800 Guide - How to change the LNB Setting

S6800 Firmware Loader Tool

S6800 Firmware Update

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